Christian Testorf is a delightfully calm and reassuring person and to spend an hour in his company is therapy in itself. Suffering from chronic, stress-related pain, pilates training with Christian has provided me with remedial treatment both for the pain and for its underlying causes. Working on a one-to-one basis over several months, Christian has put together a sequence of deep breathing, stretch and relaxation exercises, which I can practice alone, and which we refine and refresh during our weekly sessions together.

Christian's exercises have helped me to manage my pain and to combat the anxiety and tension that cause it. My daily dose of pain-killers is greatly reduced; I have returned to a five-day working week, while before I could manage only two or three days at most, and I have once more started to make previously-unthinkable foreign travel plans. I consider myself lucky to have found Christian at a difficult time in my life, which with his help is much improved. " Ian J


Three months ago I had my first session at The Pilates Place. As a middle-aged woman with a long-term sports injury, I wasn't strong enough to join even a beginner's class, so I've been taking one-on-one coaching instruction from Christian Testorf. Because I lead a peripatetic life, I don't exercise as often as I probably should, but Christian is so patient and fore bearing he doesn't make me feel guilty. Already my tummy is flatter and my posture better. I have more body awareness and one dormant glute muscle is starting to fire again.

I'm leaving the country for 3 months, but Christian has shown me exercises I can practice on my own, and when I return it's my intention to "re-up" with Christian."

Megan Lefolii


I was one of those unfortunate people who suffered severely from chronic lower back pain. I could not walk for long distances without excruciating pain all the way down my leg nor could I stand for long periods. I love entertaining and cooking and that was completely eradicated because it was too painful to stand and prepare for it. That went on for nine years. I met Christian at the end of July and I started private Pilates sessions with him on an almost daily basis- which sometimes included weekends. It would be a gross understatement to say he has been invaluable to me and how he has changed my life. The pain has gone. No more pain killers (which used to be at the rate of three times a day!). My posture has changed. I look and feel better. It has been and is a privilege to know Christian. He is totally dedicated. "

Mira Takla