About The Pilates Place

The Pilates Place was founded by Christian Testorf, who started his working life as a Commodity Trader before becoming Managing Director of a large division of a major PLC. After more than 20 years of business experience, with all its attendant rewards and stresses, he decided to change his life and become a qualified Pilates coach. A Pilates coach with a vision that he is determined to turn into reality – to open an exclusive retreat somewhere in Southern Europe that will be a haven of health and relaxation.

So why leave the corporate world to coach Pilates?

Christian has always taken his health seriously, and kept reasonably fit, but a major back operation in his mid twenties left him with residual spine issues and subsequent knee problems as well. Running and yoga were his preferred form of exercise for many years. Then he began to hear reports about the amazing benefits of Pilates and was intrigued. Having already decided to leave the corporate world to work on his plan for the retreat, he wanted to increase his knowledge of different fitness regimes. That’s when he embarked on a 4 day per week, 6 hours per day, 12 month programme to learn about the art and the scientific background of the Josef H. Pilates exercise form.

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